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If not, we should have a call and discuss some things.” He ended the email with his mobile number and a request for Female Russian National’s mobile number.

The Female Russian National responded to Papadopoulos’ April 10 email, saying that she was “now back in St.

The court documents refer to certain people involved in the discussions using pseudonyms including "Professor," "Campaign Supervisor," "Russian MFA Connection," and "Female Russian National."We reviewed the "Statement of the Offense" and an FBI agent's affidavit that were unsealed Monday for new details about communications involving Trump's campaign and Russia.

Here's a comprehensive timeline: Papadopoulos, who was living in London at the time, learned he would be a foreign policy adviser for the Trump campaign. While traveling in Italy, Papadopoulos met an individual who was a professor based in London, identified in court records as the "Professor." Initially, the Professor seemed uninterested in Papadopoulos.

Petersburg” but “would be very pleased to support your initiatives between our two countries and of course I would be very pleased to meet you again.”Papadopoulos responded, copying The Professor, saying: “I think a good step would be for me to meet with the Russian Ambassador in London sometime this month.” Papadopoulos said he would “like to discuss with him, or anyone else you recommend, about a potential foreign policy trip to Russia."The Professor responded to Papadopoulos later that same day: “This is already been agreed.

I am flying to Moscow on the 18th for a Valdai meeting, plus other meetings at the Duma.” (It's unclear what Valdai refers to in this context, though there is a Moscow think tank called the Valdai Discussion Club.) The Female Russian National responded that she had "already alerted my personal links to our conversation and your request…As mentioned we are all very excited by the possibility of a good relationship with Mr. The Russian Federation would love to welcome him once his candidature would be officially announced.”A person identified in court records as "Russian MFA Connection" emailed Papadopoulos.

But the records show Papadopoulos was actually in frequent touch with senior campaign officials about his efforts to connect Trump's team with the Russian government.

Papadopoulos was also offered damaging information on opponent Democrat Hillary Clinton from people he believed were connected to the Kremlin, according to the documents.

The Professor told Papadopoulos – as Papadopoulos later described to the FBI – that “they [the Russians] have dirt on her”; “the Russians had emails of Clinton”; “they have thousands of emails.”Papadopoulos continued to correspond with Trump campaign officials, and continued to communicate with the Professor and the Russian MFA Connection, in an effort to arrange a meeting between the campaign and the Russian government.

In this photo from President Donald Trump's Twitter account, George Papadopoulos, third from left, sits at a table with then-candidate Trump and others at what is labeled at a national security meeting in Washington that was posted on March 31, 2016.

30, 2017, to the center of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, providing evidence in the first criminal case that connects Trump’s team and intermediaries for Russia seeking to interfere in the campaign.

After newly unsealed court filings revealed George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russians, President Trump quickly downplayed his relationship to his campaign's foreign policy adviser.

"Few people knew the young, low level volunteer named George, who has already proven to be a liar," he tweeted Tuesday.

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This undated image posted on his Linkedin profile shows George Papadopoulos posing on a street of London.

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